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Bethlehem Trading Post Album
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Defending the Garrison House, Deerfield 2004
Deerfield 300th, Feb 2004
Our Unit at Deerfield, 2004
Rick at Candlemas, Old York, Me
Paul at Wheeler's Surprise, June 2008
Whitehorse as an attacking Nipmuc
Mark is well turned out
Wheeler's men just before the ambush
Whitehorse is hit !
Men from the Dartmouth Militia
Ken takes careful aim as Steve retreats
Garrett reviews his orders
Ken's arms display
Doc and Dan during the fight
Steve in a simple knit cap
Bill at Ft William Henry, Pemaquid ME
A wonderful cutlass
Church's at West Brookfield, MA 2009
Ken shares a story with a visitor to camp
A Bacon's Rebellion Man
A great image by Francis Back, Phips Soldiers c. 1696
An early woodcut of the Great Swamp Fight
A fanciful image of Church
Pictures of Benjamin Church's Company
Benjamin Church's Grave in Little Compton, RI.  Note the Ranger emblem.
Dave enjoys a smoke
On the trail, NH 2002
Jeremy at Fort #4
4 of the snowshoemen at Fort Ticonderoga
Ken after the rain at Fort Ticonderoga 2008
The men line up to fight at Ft Ti. 2008
Louisbourg, July 2008
Paul at Fortress Louisbourg, Cape Bretton, NS
Harmon's firing line
Marko at the Battle of White Plains 2001
Mark and Paul in Lexington