Remaining Events for 2011 Season

The summer is quickly passing, but there is plenty of reenacting left to take part in this year. You can find us at these locations. After Fort #4, we will be preparing our snowshoes for the winter. Many participate in primitive scouts on foot, and in canoes.

This is where we can hone our 18th C woodland skills, and practice what the original snowshoemen did…patrolling the New England wilderness.

Please come and meet us. !

July 30-31 – Fort William Henry, Pemaquid, ME – 17th Century

Aug 6- 7 - August 21-22 - Hillsborough, NH – F&I

Sept. 18 – Wentworth House in Rollinsford, NH – -17th Century 1-4 PM

Oct 1-2 – Fort 4 – Rev War event